About the Artist

Sonya McAlister lives and works in the greater Los Angeles area. In her current work she creates paintings and drawings by intuitively responding to various landscape settings. Using tools and mediums collected from nature, she approaches the work experimentally. The images and process represent her connection and exchange with wilderness settings, and often reflect on aspects of the larger human relationship with nature.
Other themes in her work have included: body, tangibility, science, and perception.

The Artist’s work has recently been selected to participate in exhibitions by some of the following art and art history professionals: Jessica Beck: Milton Fine Curator of Art at The Andy Warhol Museum, Steven Wong: Curator at LA Municipal Gallery and former Director/Curator at the Chinese American Museum, Jared Steffensen: Artist and Curator at MOCA Utah, Artist Kim Ables, and Leslie Moody Castro: Independent Curator.

Sonya has had work in galleries across the country and in art fairs such as AQUA and SCOPE during Basel in Miami, Florida. She currently works with Phylogeny Contemporary, a Seattle based gallery. Sonya received her MFA from University of Florida and did her undergraduate work at Ringling School of Art and Design and Mars Hill University.